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Map of Medicine offers comprehensive, evidence-based local guidance and clinical decision support at the point of care. Map of Medicine's solutions are designed to give your organisation the ability to adapt and maintain your own content easily and independently.

Map of Medicine was created for clinicians by clinicians, with University College London and the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, to improve dialogue between care settings and make specialist knowledge available to healthcare professionals to improve referral quality. Today, medical entrepreneurs, clinical experts and health managers continue to drive Map of Medicine.

The team is committed to listening to GPs and commissioners, and to supporting them to meet challenges they are facing. We are the trusted experts in disseminating best practice guidance and helping the NHS implement change at the point of care. Our clients consistently define the support, expertise and knowledge of our team as outstanding.

View our portfolio of solutions to understand more about how Map of Medicine can support your health organisation, or contact us for an informal discussion.

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