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Our pathways are created to reflect best practice for the conditions and symptoms that are most important for our users. We constantly monitor changes in well-reputed secondary evidence – systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and guidelines. Only articles in English are considered. Inclusion and exclusion criteria are applied to systematic reviews and meta-analyses retrieved from the searches to ensure that only high-quality information is selected. The AGREE instrument is employed to assess the quality of guidelines, and all clinical content is peer reviewed. Pathways are continually updated as the clinical evidence changes.
The clinical content in Map Pathways and Map Referrals is created by our team of clinicians, editors, and information specialists, with input from independent clinical experts.  Every pathway is peer-reviewed, and some pathways are further accredited by Royal Colleges and professional clinical bodies. Peer-reviewers are asked to consider the evidence base used, the clinical usability and to provide knowledge from their experience of clinical practice to address any gaps in the published evidence.
Yes. Our team of clinical and editorial experts can work with your existing local guidelines to create referral guidance, referral templates and pathways tailored to your local priorities. We will also train you and give you the tools to create, edit and share your own content.
Yes. We do offer access to organisations. If you would like more information regarding this, please contact us.
Yes. All of our solutions can be integrated with clinical and GP systems. In the UK, we partner with TPP, EMIS and INPS to deliver care pathway and referral management solutions through GP systems. We also have an number of other technical partners to help us deliver Map of Medicine solutions at the point of care.

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