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Developed to solve problems in the modern referral system, Map Referrals standardises the process across every team in your health organisation. The result is a simple, consistent system which clinicians understand and value – enabling them to put locally-relevant, evidence-based guidance into practice.

Standardising your referral process improves patient outcomes in a number of ways. Not only does it reduce unwanted variation in care and the number of inappropriate referrals, it also saves practitioners time looking for the right referral form. Time they can now spend caring for patients.
Map Referrals doesn’t change the way you work, only improves it. At the point of care, your clinical decisions are supported by best practice and local information. At the point of referral, your practitioners can access all available care providers, administrative guidance and auto-populated referrals forms in an instant. Finally, Map Referrals loops the patient’s referral record back into the GP systems.
Map Sidebar means all the relevant referral information is accessible at the click of a button. Integrating with EMIS Web, SystmOne or Vision, it supports your teams with real-time guidance to improve their decision making.
Map Referrals enables improvements on a macro as well as a micro level. The built-in analytics dashboard gives you a clear picture of all referral activity. So you can see which services are over- or under-used, which pathways are regularly accessed, and which areas offer scope for cost-savings.
We know you choose your partners carefully. And so do we. Our pathway content is sourced, analysed, created and validated in partnership with many Royal Colleges , societies and national charities, including the Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Optometrists, Royal College of Pathologists, the British Pain Society, and The Alzheimer’s Society.
We wanted software that within a few clicks, would give our local GPs easy access to clear, up-to-date local care pathways, referral guidance and referral forms. By empowering GPs we believe they will make better quality referrals and reduce the variation of referrals.
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