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The Referral Management Revolution

Preview: Four years on from the publication of The King’s Fund report ‘Referral Management – lessons for success’, we invited stakeholders to discuss its impact on enhanced patient outcomes, reduced referral rates, the creation of locally agreed care pathways, and the role that technology has at the point of care.

When referring a patient to secondary care, GPs balance a dual role: clinical agent for their patient, and agent for the NHS. In 2010, the Kings Fund report ‘Referral Management: lessons for success’ set out to evaluate the full range of referral management activities from full-scale referral management centres to the ‘passive’ provision of guidelines to GPs, and drew a conclusion that a strategy built around peer review and audit, supported by consultant feedback, with clear referral criteria and evidence-based guidelines is most likely to be both cost- and clinically- effective. Download the full case study below to continue reading.

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