FAQs for CCGs: Map Sidebar v2.7

//FAQs for CCGs: Map Sidebar v2.7
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FAQs for CCGs: Map Sidebar v2.7

Map of Medicine is pleased to announce a new update to Map Sidebar (v2.7). The update will bring a number of new benefits and will be available from March 2016. We’ve prepared some FAQs for questions that you may have about Map Sidebar v2.7. If you have a question or a comment, please contact our Customer Support Team customersupport@mapofmedicine.com and they will be happy to help you.

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Upgrading to 2.7 and installing the update

From v2.7 onwards Map Sidebar is controlled by the Map Sidebar Update Manager which is installed on all PCs requiring use of Map Sidebar. It removes all previous versions of Sidebar installed on the computer to ensure only a single version is available. It provides the ability for remote upgrade/downgrade to and from previous and latest versions. It allows settings to be configured / managed remotely.
Yes, the Map Sidebar Update Manager will clean the user’s computer of any previous version of Map Sidebar and replace it with v2.7.
Previous version of Sidebar will continue to be supported. However; it is advisable to upgrade to the latest version of Map Sidebar to receive the benefit of new functionality and features.
The installation of 2.7 will not require the reconfiguration of the EMIS API via the EMAS manager.
No, there is no requirement to reconfigure the SystmOne integration upon reinstall.


End user workflow: licence keys, passwords and logging in

Some CCGs will be using a remote installation script and, once introduced, Map will work with CCG or CSU IT teams on this process. Some CCGs manually install new versions of Map Sidebar and your Account Manager will discuss timelines and support for this activity.
Upon installation of 2.7, a GP or end-user will need to enter the licence key and Practice referral email. NB/ If they are an EMIS Web Practice, they will be asked to enter the EMIS CDB number (the number on the header of the EMIS Web display screen)
Users’ existing login details will be carried across during the upgrade to v2.7 and there will be no requirement to log in again
As part of the installation process for 2.7, the licence key and Practice Code will need to be re-entered.
This is controlled on the Map Sidebar Update Manager which is found in the CONTROL PANEL under INSTALLED PROGRAMS > Select ‘Map Sidebar Update Manager > Click ‘Change’ and then you will be able to enter your Licence Key and Practice Code.
Map Sidebar 2.7 supports scenarios where two sites of the same practice need to use different postal addresses for referral forms. Please contact your Account Manager with details of the sites you require this for.
Map Sidebar will ask for the CDB Number during the upgrade process. This number is the unique ID for your EMIS practice and appears on the header of the EMIS Web display screen.
No, the new installer will automatically clean your machine of previous versions before updating to 2.7. Please note: There is a period between Map Sidebar 2.7 installation and first use where both old and new Map Sidebar icons may be present.
Map of Medicine ceased support for NHS Smartcard access in 2015. All access to Map of Medicine solutions is now via a Map of Medicine log in and Map Sidebar can be accessed using a single sign on to the clinical system. User accounts and passwords are created and managed by the CCG in most instances or by Map of Medicine Support on request. User accounts and passwords are created and managed by Map of Medicine or the CCG.

Configuring Map Referrals and new features

The GP email, or ‘Referrers Email’, is the email address that will appear as the ‘referrer email’ within a referral form therefore it is essential that this is correct (e.g. GP e-mail address or GP practice e-mail address as appropriate). All users will be asked to complete the e-mail field on receipt of v2.7 to clarify what this e-mail address is for and ensure that the appropriate e-mail address is used going forward (which hasn’t always been the case to date).
No. The Sidebar has been updated to include the name of the form/template, whether it is urgent or routing, and the cost of referral.
The removal of the Urgency level in Sidebar does not affect the upload process.
Yes. The integration between Map Sidebar and TPP SystmOne has been improved and the auto population issue has been resolved.
The CCG can decide what version of Map of Medicine they wish their practices to be using and a single practice can be upgraded or downgraded as required. Once on v2.7 Map of Medicine can identify the version that is in use at a Practice.

Communication and future developments

Not directly, but we will support CCGs with a communication package that they can use with their GP Practices. Map of Medicine does not hold personal data on end-users, so we are not able to communicate with them directly.
A new user guide and installation guide will be made available. These will be in a new, easier to read design.
No. This functionality is scheduled to be released in April. More information will be made available shortly.
A roadmap of developments is in place and as soon as it has been scheduled we will publish it to our users. All updates after 2.7 will be automatically made available to customers with no installation needed.
No, this functionality is not part of the 2.7 release.