Heal and Cure Any Maladies with the Help of My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is an extremely convenient service that allows you to select and order the required medications, vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies, and other health-related products without leaving your home.

Being your superhero, who is ready to deliver the life-saving medications 24/7, our team is always here to consult and encourage you, to help your family and friends stay healthy. Join our super-pharmacy to get the mind-blowing discounts, loyalty bonuses, over 1000 pills for beauty and health. We will help you to become healthier at the most affordable cost!

Are you feeling sick? My Canadian Pharmacy is to the rescue!

The most complicated thing about staying healthy is that a malady may happen unexpectedly. Especially it hurts to see how your kids or elderly family members are getting ill. To become fully bulletproof from such situation you need to have an assistant capable of delivering the most urgent packages with life-saving medications within 24 hours or even faster. My Canadian Pharmacy is just the service that may help you.

You may place an order in the evening and receive its delivery early in the morning. Is not it great?

You may get interested if you want to save a few bucks. We provide the price cuts for all buyers, but thanks to our pharmacy service you can also save points and pay up to 70% of the purchase price with them, make orders and get the discounts for each order, invite friends and get bonuses if you are an affiliate partner. We also offer regular discounts and promotions, helping to save your budget.

Over 1000 products, drugs, and supplements along with medical devices are offered for our customers. This amount is much higher than an average online pharmacy in Canada can provide. There is no more need to search for medicines at different drugstores, you can find and order even the rarest medications with a prescription and without RX in one place. In addition to meds, you can check dietary supplements, products for mothers and newborns, medical products and hygiene products, medical equipment, cosmetic products and much more for keeping your healthy.

10 bulletproof reasons to buy from our online pharmacy

  1. Discounts;
  2. Affordability;
  3. Updates;
  4. Prescription meds;
  5. Efficiency;
  6. International shipping;
  7. Consultations;
  8. Mobile notification;
  9. Booking service;
  10. 24/7 customer support;

We will save your money just like Robin Hood!

Internet is like a bad sheriff when it comes to online shopping at web drugstores. Most sellers will try to sell counterfeit drugs or sell generic pills at the price of a brand medication. This is when MCP can be extremely helpful. We may not be the modern Robin Hoods but we surely can help you save money on monthly refills of drugs or emergency orders.

No matter, if you are a newcomer or loyal customer, you will get a lot of discounts and offers with daily price cuts from us. Make sure to call our managers to get all the details about the Loyalty Program and Affiliate Program – we want any feedback about our services and policy. We work to make you happy and healthy. That is our all-time priory and major goal!

You can save money with our pharmacy in multiple ways:

  • Purchase a certain product and get the second as a bonus gift or for half the price;
  • Register on the website and take part in the Loyal Program where the discounts are accumulated;
  • Buy 2 packages to get the 3rd medical product free of charge;
  • We also offer daily, time-limited deals for different types of discounts;

Individual discounts are available to most consumers of My Canadian Pharmacy. All customers who are aware of the promotion are entitled to take advantage of the special offer. You can find out about bonus programs and special discounts on the official website, from newsletters, social media and via our smartphone app.

Making an order has never been easier!

Our online pharmacy provides a wide range of products for a daily or single use. To place an order, you just need to choose the right drug, read the product’s information and send it to the “cart”. Our operators will contact you and invite you to the pharmacy that is most convenient for you by territorial location to receive an order.

We tried to simplify the process of ordering the medications to the minimum. Basically it is a 3-step process of ordering:

  1. You log in to a personal account;
  2. You add a drug from the catalog to the Cart;
  3. You go through a payment verification;

That is it! Our skillful managers who will call and confirm the shipping details by phone or online chat will do the rest.

Stay healthy: book any medications with or without a prescription!

We have started as a small warehouse in Canada and then gradually made our reputation and status by becoming one of the largest online pharmacy services in the country. We expanded our circle of distributors and customers to deliver a trustworthy, international pharmacy with a user-friendly profile and multiple benefits for our numerous clients.

That is why our online pharmacy offers a booking service for people with chronic disorders like asthma. Having chosen the necessary medical products, as well as a web pharmacy for delivery, you only need to confirm and receive your medical order (the notification will be sent to your email).

We are ready to provide any, even the rarest drug that is hard to define in local pharmacies in small towns. The drug booking service allows customers to save their time and money by making the process of purchasing medicines very quickly and at the low cost. You may buy life-saving medications beforehand and even get a few discounts on such order.

Our shipping is faster than The Flash!

Most Canadian drugstores offer international shipping with the help of popular U.S. delivery courier services. Our pharmacy is not an exception. We constantly negotiate with partners to provide the most favorable terms for the customers who live all over the world. Some products are offered with free delivery, but this is an exception.

Our shipping policy mostly focuses on loyal customers. They order monthly refills or accumulate the bonuses for each order to get a discounted delivery. In other words, the more you buy the less you pay for processing and shipping services.

We are proud to announce that after a few unbiased tests a focus group of customers found our shipping as one of the quickest delivery services compared to the best online pharmacies in Canada.

Every manager is Superman!

Our online pharmacy is not just a warehouse where we keep all kinds of medicines and healthcare products for adults and children, for women and men, for all ages and social statuses. Low prices are achieved thanks to the hard work of the management. Affordable delivery is achievable only thanks to the solid third-party collaboration. Every single one of our team members works hard to deliver the best online pharmacy service in this complicated industry. We are ready to help you and your close friends or relatives when it comes to finding the necessary meds anytime.

The unique difference of our online pharmacy is a customized service, “cut” specifically to your needs. We are not just about individually aimed services; we make the requests of each client our priorities! That is why every personal account, in addition to a convenient cart system and an understandable order form to fill, has an option “My Wishlist”. What does it mean?

Our team carefully studies your requirements, comments, wishes, and suggestions. And then we try to deliver the newest additions to the service or just add new drugs to the vast catalog.

We are not afraid to admit that we are imperfect. However, we strive to achieve perfection. We listen to our customers. We make an online pharmacy more useful, convenient and budget-friendly for you and your family.

The high level of interactivity of our online pharmacy allows responding to customer’s comments ASAP.

My Canadian Pharmacy Presents the Encyclopedia of Health

MCP is more than just the service with the best choice of inexpensive medicines with international delivery all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc. We have prepared special section for everyone who wants to learn more about healthy trends, scientific researches and other interesting issues related to the drugs from our catalog. Make sure to read the FAQ section where we cover the most interesting requests left by our customers. Leave your feedback about our Encyclopedia of Health – we try to update this section daily and need your opinion.

Use our mobile app: your health consultant in a smartphone

Our new mobile application is another convenient service who got used to applying mobile phones more often than PCs. Download a free mobile app for iOS/Android and get a handy, user-friendly service where you can perform such actions:

  • Book any medications online whenever you need (no holidays, days off or non-business hours);
  • Check your bonuses if you joined Loyalty or Affiliate Program;
  • Quick notifications about daily offers and deals on certain medications;
  • Search for products in the entire range of pharmacies (more than 1000 products for health and beauty);
  • Track down your order;
  • Contact with the Technical Support or Customer Service via an online chat;
  • Read the news, articles, and descriptions for all drugs and medical products from the official website;

Why so many people trust the services of My Canadian Pharmacy?

  • Multiple drug offers at low cost

all drugs that come in a variety of offers and packages and all generics for treating ED have certificates of conformity and a mandatory pass system of state control;

  • Top-notch quality services

Our pharmacy takes full responsibility for the quality of its proposed resources, and strive to ensure that all buyers were satisfied with the quality of services. Therefore, cooperation should be carried out exclusively with proven manufacturers, each of which has a license to engage in activities of this kind;

  • Transparent prices for delivery

You can discuss with our managers the delivery terms and information about where to ship your order;

  • Constant expansion of our pharmaceutical products

We constantly expand our range of products, focusing on demand. You may join the sale of different pharmaceutical goods – skincare products, herbal teas, ED pills, etc. And do not forget about advertising. You know that the winner is the online pharmacy, which gives a lot of time and money on its promotion. How else can know about it?

  • We let compare prices!

Check our Pharmacy Checking service if you doubt that we offer the lowest price tags for our ED generic pills. Our service never lies to his clients and partners, because we want to build a loyal community and want our newcomers to come back and use our services regularly. All our third-party partners offer you the best discount offers for ED generics on our website. And that is why people always come back to make another order via our services.

  • Huge and loyal community

We believe and do everything that we can to help those people who have problems with health, including sexual health. That is why our free consultations are always available online and our users help each other at forums. Be sure to sign up and join our community to become a regular member with unique services!

Keep in mind: Before you make an order on our web site please contact our consultant by phone, if you had not acquired such a means. We will help you to choose the matching ED drug that will suit you well and will avoid unexpected and awkward situations at the crucial moment.

My Canadian Pharmacy is a unique drugstore service that provides medical products at affordable prices, significantly lower than in retail pharmacies. You may also provide an opportunity to place an order for any drugs, including prescription drugs (we accept all U.S. and Canadian legal RXs).

Our team works 24/7 so you could always get any medication directly from the website. Besides, you can find a lot of interesting information about beauty and health, tips on how to strengthen your immune system and change your lifestyle. Remember – health is beauty, happiness, and high-quality life! Stay healthy!