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My Canadian Pharmacy is an independent organization that seeks to improve Canadians’ healthcare and well-being by disseminating quality medical information. Its vision is to help improve Canada’s healthcare system as a leading source of impartial, credible and comparable information that will enable medical leaders to make better informed decisions. Moreover, MCP data and reports are provided to help communicate health policies, support efficient delivery of health care, and raise awareness among Canadians in general on current research and trends in the medical industry that are contributing to better health outcomes.

MCP provides understanding of healthcare system effectiveness in Canada with attitudes to community needs, combines health system performance with actual results, and develops methods and processes and their impacts within the health care system. MCP has a product and service guide that assists customers and interested parties in obtaining relevant information about products and services is the offerings of Canadian pharmaceutical sector. This guide covers such topics as:

  • Types of care (e.g. first aid, emergency care, first aid)
  • Health system operation opinion (for example, waiting for times, quality of care and results, indicators)
  • Costs and medical labor (e.g. government spending; drug costs; doctors and nurses)
  • Factors affecting health (e.g. environmental, socio-economic and lifestyle issues).

MCP also promotes the understanding and use of its data, standards and methods through online tools, as well as many seminars, courses and conferences. MCP has two different standard prices for data request services. The charges are based on production time, consulting and developing technical requirements, managing and analyzing data, seeking support, fulfilling data quality assurance and data transfer. The first standard price applies to Canadian medical facilities, to government and nonprofit agencies, universities, healthcare providers and public sector researchers. The second standard price applies to the private sector, foreign customers and others without

My Canadian Pharmacy and federal health authorities

Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA)

Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) works with MCP to determine comparative statistics and valuable algorithms that are available for use by ministries of health, hospital boards and the general public. My Canadian Pharmacy publishes statistics and medical information that are publicly available and can be accessed through their data holding webpages. Most of the information is general statistics, but customized data requests can also be addressed specifically, which are subject to MCP privacy policy.

Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI) and Canadian Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (AFPC)

CAPSI and AFPC reflect My Canadian Pharmacy’s mandate to facilitate access to government statistical information. Their close creation is evidenced by the federal electronic government movement. MCP has taken responsibility for data collection and distribution from other federal health authorities. MCP tracks data in a variety of areas with information provided by hospitals, regional health authorities, doctors and government bodies. This information is used by these various organizations to evaluate various aspects of our healthcare system and use it as a planning tool. There are several different submission applications available that are slightly specific to the system.

National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA)

My Canadian Pharmacy’s electronic data presentation service monitored by NAPRA is to provide a safe and timely method for sending data files to MCP and receiving data files from it over the Internet. eDSS requires a registered client access codes, which provides the user with the ability to submit MCP data. Other applications include Canadian MI database subordination reports, provide feedback on which data, ensuring that the data provided meets the technical requirements of MI standards, these are private reports that can only be reviewed by a selected representative. Online reporting tool allows entering and submitting data and various reports over the Internet in real time. Users can also access a summary of their submissions, statistics on error rates and timeliness.

Canadian Pharmacy Technicians Educators Association (CPTEA)

In cooperation with CPTEA, MCP has set up a graduate student data access program that provides graduate students with access to MCP data for free. Graduate students can only use this program to fulfill the academic requirements of their program the goal of which is to build the ability of graduate students to undertake health research; increase awareness of MCP data assets and the importance of data quality and privacy as graduate students continue their healthcare career. Students must conduct research and can access data through various databases, which fall under the following thematic sections, medical care, health care costs and medical human resources.

Neighborhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (NPAC)

MCP plays a big role in provincial database management and in providing the seller licensing for all medical databases. Data collection software to participating funds must be licensed with MCP and NPAC. These databases are subject to the Seller License Agreement. Sellers must renew their license annually.

Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP)

It is a significant component of MCP support strategy. This cooperation was created as a specific center expanding public knowledge of public health issues by achieving two main goals: promoting a better understanding of factors that affect the health of people and communities; and promoting policies that reduce injustice and improve Canadians’ health and well-being. These goals are mainly performed by financing research in the field of public health, collecting and analyzing medical data of the population and providing the public and influential politicians alike with numerous reports, presentations and other publications.