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Map Canadian Pharmacy gives you the power to improve decision making and referral quality at the point of care. Created by medical professionals for medical professionals, we use the latest clinical evidence to provide you with guidance that is accurate, relevant, and endorsed by the world’s leading medical bodies.

Using an our service, clinicians have instant access to locally customised pathways, centrally controlled referral forms and clinical information during a consultation. Integrated within the clinical workflow, healthcare professionals have relevant information at their fingertips and can save information directly to the patient’s record.

How To Place an Order

Our service provides a great deals of drugs for a daily or single use. To place an order, you just need to choose the right drug, read the product’s information and send it to the “cart”. Our operators will contact you and invite you to the pharmacy that is most convenient for you by territorial location to receive an order.

We tried to simplify the process of ordering the medications to the minimum. Basically it is a 3-step process of ordering:

  • You log in to a personal account;
  • You add a drug from the catalog to the Cart;
  • You go through a payment verification;

That is it! Our skillful managers who will call and confirm the shipping details by phone or online chat will do the rest.

Time-saving Shipping with Canadian Pharmacy

Most Canadian drugstores offer international shipping with the help of popular U.S. delivery courier services. Our pharmacy is not an exception, but we are exceptionally good at picking reliable shipping couriers for partners. We constantly negotiate with partners to provide the most favorable terms for the customers who live all over the world. Placing a bigger order can help you qualify for free shipping.

Our shipping policy mostly focuses on loyal customers. They order monthly refills or accumulate the bonuses for each order to get a discounted delivery. In other words, the more you buy the less you pay for processing and shipping services.

We are proud to announce that after a few unbiased tests a focus group of customers found our shipping as one of the quickest delivery services compared to the best online pharmacies in Canada.

Pharmacy Services for Everyone

At Canadian pharmacy, you have the opportunity to engage with numerous pharmacy features easily via our website or through our Android and iOS applications. Check what we currently offer:

  • Manage Your Medications: Have your prescriptions packed in 7-day blisters. Such a form can help you facilitate the intake of your medications, and forget about skipping the doses.
  • Medication reviews: For those patients who are assigned to three or more chronic drugs or have diabetes, Mycanadianpharmacy may offer individually tailored consultations to look through all of your prescription meds, over-the-counter meds, vitamins, and natural health products.
  • Flu shots: Such vaccines are free for Ontarians aged five and above.
  • Disposal of expired medications and sharps.
  • Counseling services: Our professionals can help you in making educated decisions by offering illness prevention information. You receive proper guidance, and advice on prescriptions, over-the-counter products, health supplements, as well as medical equipment. Upon the request, we have experts who can easily guide you on how to use health monitoring and therapy gadgets.
  • Help with quitting smoking.
  • Monitoring of blood pressure: The good news, it is completely free. Besides, Hilary’s will assist you in reviewing your blood pressure results.
  • Adapt and renew prescriptions: For more information, please call.
  • Home care items: Mobility, daily living aids, incontinence, and compression stockings, canes, walkers, and ambulatory blood pressure monitors, wheelchairs are all examples of daily living aids.

Note, all prescription drugs are delivered to your home for free.

More About Us:

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