Partnership for Marketing Plans

My Canadian Pharmacy accepts marketing and advertising promotions from third parties. We work with banners, ads, modules, and any other content that complies with our regulation. Before contacting us for further collaborations, please learn a few criteria that we posted below. For users’ acknowledgment, we inform that advertisers are fully responsible for the content of their ads, and users when being redirected to a third-party site should comply with their terms of use. If you want to offer your propositions, find out the eligibility by contacting our Marketing team. Fill in the application form, and our operator will connect you to one of our experts.

You Are Welcome for Collaborations

As far as the pharmaceutical market is very wide we are fully open to any collaborative intentions. We welcome health care centers, hospital services, approved and licensed doctors, pharma companies, and other facilities that do ONLY provide high-quality and accredited services to any segments of the population.

What Platforms We Give

Our site may be considered as a platform for posting the ads of one’s services. We may offer side, top and bottom sections to post your offer. Otherwise, after the negotiation, we can discuss the posting of redirecting links. Please note, after discussing the details, our expert team may take time to check the relevance of your services and products. And, we have the right to decline the proposition without explaining the reasons. But, for your convenience, we posted below the main requirements to pass this validity process.

Short-time and Long-time Marketing Partnership

To meet the demand of any partners, we offer two types of collaborations. A party can apply for a long-term marketing plan that will minimum consist of 1 year. And, short-term that is set with us for a month.

Common Rules

In the next guideline, MCP is mentioned as Provider and Third-Parties as Promoter.

  1. The provider has a right to choose the Promoter for further collaborations.
  2. The provider can choose the amount of content posted on his site offered by the Promoter.
  3. The provider can reject the propositions of the Promoter at any time if he finds them irrelevant or inappropriate looking.
  4. The provider is not responsible for events when users of the site see or receive promotions from the Promoter.
  5. The provider does not have an impact on the Promoter’s prices of products when they change or when one price does not correspond to the actual one.

My Canadian Pharmacy does not post:

  • illegal materials such as controlled substances or narcotics, the ads of prescription drugs that are promoted without prescription, alcohol promotions, pornography or 18+ games or applications.
  • Links or modules that redirect users to a website where they can get a virus or their data will be stolen, in particular, credentials.
  • discriminatory content that humiliates individuals based on their age, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • ads of weapons or fireworks and gambling service.
  • content that violates other Canadian legislation or law.
  • other online pharmacies, and the parties that are not recommended for usage by the Canadian law.
  • materials that provoke users of not a full legal age to buy the products.

In the case, you find any material posted with us on our site violative, please refer it to our customer support team for further follow-up. If the suspicious activity noticed by users actually takes place, we immediately stop the collaboration with Promoter and ban him for the next partnership.

Please note, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. We have a designated department that deals with 24/7 monitoring of all the third-parties advertisements. Thus, we do not accept any content that violates the rules and illegal materials that may be punishable by law.