Online Rx Refills for the Current Clients

We know how to read your physician’s handwriting.

If you’re on maintenance medications or have to take rare drugs regularly because you have chronic health conditions and permanent pains, refills of the current prescriptions might come in handy. My Canadian Pharmacy offers its existing clients assistance with the regular supplies of vital medical supplies and additional pharmaceutical equipment according to the pre-specified schedule.

We’ll notify you via email or phone when the meds you need get to our warehouses. We’ll help you arrange a cheap bulk order offering many advantages:

  • Stable supply of the meds regardless of where you live;
  • Regular and prompt delivery of the medications and pharmaceutical products even to the remote areas of the USA and over the border;
  • Low prices on bulk orders — we don’t have to invest in the marketing of generic medications because their effectiveness speaks for itself.

Do you already have a prescription signed by your doctor? Is it hard for you to pay for all those listed medications? Make us a call or drop us a line using the contact information presented on the website so that we could:

  • Share information about cheap alternatives of the brand drugs against cancer or diabetes;
  • Tell you what is the difference between a brand and a generic drug (it’s legal and safe, you shouldn’t get worried);
  • Provide you with sufficient info on how to choose the right dosage and take generics regularly so that their effect is not different from the original meds.

Automatic Refills Benefits

The main objective of the refill program is to improve medication adherence. What does it mean?

  • There won’t be any trouble with excessive investments in pills and their wastage, which is counterproductive for the pharmaceutical business, demanding precision and sensibility. Every patient will get the exact amount of frigs monthly according to the recommendations in the physician’s prescription.
  • Monthly refills become a better alternative to regular bulk orders calculated on about three months. The medications stay fresh and don’t get expired or spoiled because of the careless storage.

Regular monthly refills help to avoid oversupplies with meds. Refills make you disciplined. You automatically start following the regimen, and it becomes a habitual part of your life. You’ll never forget to take your pill because your refill package will come with a set of instructions on how to take the meds and pick out the proper dosage.

How to Get Regular Refills

You should be an existing customer of My Canadian Pharmacy online drugstore if you want to order a refill or sign up for an automated refill course. Make your first order and let us check the information about your current prescription so that we could make sure the meds you’ve chosen are safe for you.

To sign up for a refill program, you’ll have to fill in the special forms so that we could check whether your medical indicators are the same. If you’re a responsible client, you should understand that our reputation is built on mutual trust and satisfaction of our customers. We urge you to:

  • Let us know if you have any changes in your current health conditions;
  • Inform us in case if you start a medication course not mentioned in your account;
  • Update your billing and credit card information regularly.

We are ready to contact you 24/7 by phone or email, so don’t hesitate to let us know whether you have any questions about the meds and prices on the refills. We also want you to understand that the policy of our company is not in line with the laws and legislations of some countries. Contact our staff members to know whether we send it to your country or not before you proceed with the order.

Trust never comes with a refill — it comes with stable contact and communication.