Information on Prescriptions

As far as My Canadian Pharmacy provides its services to both new applicants and regular clients, we equally monitor the distribution of prescriptive pharmaceutical products within them. With us, a person will not find controlled substances or narcotics but we grant fast access to other medications. One of them are prescription drugs. To buy this category of medicines, a client should provide us with approved documentation from his doctor that will be further on checked on legit. Please note, if you do not have a valid prescription, you are not eligible for buying such products. Or, if it was changed when you submitted it to us, it is obligatory to update its form. Otherwise, our experts on the final stage of dispensing your order will stop the shipping. For those who look for OTC drugs, we offer a wide assortment of the brand and generic products. However, again we will require from buyers a previous consultation with a doctor to proceed with the safe treatment of their health conditions.

Take a look at the next list of a few best-sellers that will need a prescription from your doctor:

  • Accupril,
  • Celexa,
  • Diflucan,
  • Evista,
  • Imitrex,
  • Nexium,
  • Paxil,
  • Prilosec,
  • Singulair,
  • Topamax.

According to the Canada Health Act, all the prescription medications in territorial hospitals are dispensed at no cost for their patients. Outside these health care facilities, local and online pharmacies are fully responsible for the drug plans. Any person can visit the government website and find out the list of RX medications and what conditions they are eligible for. Clients who only surf the site to find out health supplements to change their health condition for better can choose our service of Talk to Our Pharmacist that will ease the selection. One of our dedicated experts will contact a person to offer him a choice of otc medications.

Another option we give people who turn to us is a prescription transfer. If a person has it in another pharmacy, we will require a few personal information and medical history for transferring. Usually, it takes a few days, but if we hesitate about any data, we may call your GP to follow up. Once we received all the necessary documentation, your order will be processed, and subsequent refills will start to be shipped automatically. If you opt for not receiving such refills, our team manages to ship your order within approximately 5 days. To get the top results, our team recommends potential clients to have a 60 day supply of their drugs on hand at home or at least one refill at their current pharmacy. In case, they do not have a 60 day supply at hand, it is necessary to visit their pharmacy for another fill. All the rest we can do for you. For your convenience, we accept both electronic and postal received prescriptions. To send it by fax or email, please refer to our Contacts page.

Keep in mind, the online pharmacies that dispense controlled substances or prescription drugs without demanding the approval of your health care providers, are rogues and their services bear illegal character. American clients or the ones from nearby countries who order medications from My Canadian Pharmacy should pay attention to their legislation of drug administration. Because some pharmaceutical products distributed on the territory of Canada may be forbidden for use without a prescription in their countries. To make the process of browsing our goods catalog user-friendly, each medication has an indicator of whether it is RX or OTC item. Otherwise, our customer support works 24/7 and can answer all your inquiries within a moment.