Privacy Policy at My Canadian Pharmacy

We are delighted to welcome our regular and potential clients! My Canadian Pharmacy owns the website you’re using at the moment.

The issue of safety and privacy of our users bears crucial importance to each of our representatives and affiliate partners. We do collect and use your personal information, but we also do everything to protect and disclose it from anyone who can use it against your will. This Privacy Policy section explains how our methods of work protect our customers and data they share with us. By submitting your personal information, you accept the ways we deal with your financial and private information. Specific regulations of this Privacy Policy section control our further interaction.

We respect the privacy of our customers and do our best to protect your:

  • Full name;
  • Contact details;
  • Financial data and credit card information;
  • Specific personal data connected with your prescriptions and diagnoses.

We aim to ensure the safety and complete de-identification of any private information you share with the representatives of our company. Your data can be transferred to our third-party associates, but your confidentiality is preserved on all levels.

Our privacy policy implies that your data is unreachable for anyone who can use it illegally. Any unlawful access will be prosecuted. We want to assure you that your private information is safe from:

  • Copying;
  • Blocking;
  • Destruction;
  • Alteration;
  • Dissemination.

Our business activities, as well as online interaction with the clients, are carried out within the relevant laws and governmental regulations. We follow all the recommendations and requirements of the law. If necessary, we are ready to prove the validity of our actions in the legal court.

Specific individuals have the right to access to the personal information of our clients, but they bear financial and moral responsibility on behalf of our company. The representatives of My Canadian Pharmacy are fully responsible for the lawful storage and protection of your data.

If you’re interested in obtaining a piece of more specific information about the way we store and use your data, get in touch with one of our online members so that he could help you contact our security specialist.

Private Information We Need

Individual sections of our website will notify you to provide My Canadian Pharmacy with specific personal information. By sharing the personal information with us, you get access to all sections of this website and certain advantageous possibilities, including the subscription to our newsletters and notifications about discounts and price reductions. We can request access to the following necessary information:

  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Contact details (your e-mail and telephone number).

We only need mandatory information. You don’t have to specify everything while registering on our website. We warn our clients whether the information we request is compulsory or not.

Passive Data Collection

We use different techniques while collecting your personal information passively. Our third-party partners and providers also have the right for the passive data collection carried out through this website. The passive collection includes:

  • Regular information accessible via the browser: the version of your operating system, the resolution of your screen, or the type of your current browser. We can also identify you as a personal computer or a portable mobile device. We need it to make our website adapt to your device so that the navigation is effortless.
  • We use cookies, helping us to collect and analyze information about the most popular pages of this website, language preferences, users’ behavior, and many other details helping us to improve our online service. Cookies are also necessary for the purpose of security because they help us identify the users and their devices. We store cookies on your devices, but it’s completely safe.
  • IP address. We get access to it via your internet provider, which is a normal practice for all companies dealing with their business online. Using the IP address, we record the number of your visits to our website, the time of these visits, and diagnose the potential problems with the functionality of the server.
  • Information about the model and type of your current device.

Usage and Disclosure of the Clients’ Private Data

The usage and disclosure of our clients’ personal information are highly important because we need it to:

  • Fulfill your requests;
  • Answer your questions;
  • Notify you about the changes in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions;
  • Get more information about our clients’ behavior to improve the functionality of this website;
  • Receive statistical data about the most popular products and search requests so that we could provide our clients with a broader range of medications.

We have to share your personal information with third-party companies, such as delivery services and airmail companies. Our third-party partners:

  • Partially host and administer this website;
  • Analyze the data;
  • Process the payments;
  • Provide IT services;
  • Enable our partners to provide us with additional services.

This website collects information that should be disclosed in accordance with the following:

  • Governmental laws and regulations concerning healthcare and prescription policy;
  • Regulations applicable to you place of residence;
  • The necessity to participate in a lawful judicial process;
  • Official requests of the local and foreign authorities;
  • Changes in our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy;
  • Protection of your rights in the official lawsuit.

Data Security

We take all necessary measures to secure your data and payment information. Nevertheless, there is no system that can guarantee complete security on the internet. If you suspect us in illegitimate use of your personal information, contact one of our team members immediately.

We do not bear responsibility for the security of your data if you use our website through unknown providers and devices that can be accessed by anyone else but you.

Data Storage Time

We keep your data in our database on conditions established by the governmental law. We don’t keep your private information longer than we need. Your payment information, as well as your individual details, are processed via special protocols so that none of our representatives has a chance to access it.

The terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy can be changed. You will be notified about these changes so that you could study them and accept if you find them satisfying. If you have questions concerning our Privacy Policy methods, notify us using the contact information presented on this website.