Return Policy and Reimbursement

My Canadian Pharmacy daily works to provide clients with top-notch services and approved pharmaceutical products. However, there are always events when people want to return a product or get the money back. We welcome such intentions if they are valid and have proof of a violation, poor quality, or damage caused by the delivering services. For such an option, make sure you contact us within 30 days after receiving the parcel. All the inquiries sent to us after the expiration of 30 days are not more applicable for refund or reimbursement.

Beware, if your parcel has defects caused by your improper handling, it is not applicable for refund. If a product has defects caused by the manufacturer such as the irregular shape of a pill, such inquiries should be redirected directly to the manufacturer. From our side, we do not open sealed blisters before shipping the drugs. It violates the hygiene and security of storing an item. Also, we do not provide clients with a refund on custom-made goods, or items for personal hygiene. Unless they do not match the picture demonstrated on our website.

Note, if your received order has any of the below-mentioned occurrences, contact us for further investigation:

  • opened blister by third-parties;
  • opened parcel by third-parties;
  • damaged parcel;
  • you received a parcel you did not order;
  • expired item.

Our team reserves a full right to decline your inquiry toward refund or reimbursement if it finds your request fake or it has nothing to do with reality. We may ask for a photo or video proof to confirm the eligibility of the refund option. Moreover, we do not reimburse the money for drugs or health supplements that did not meet your expectations or the ones that caused side effects. First of all, the problem may lay in the incorrect dosage or intolerance. For such events, always do contact your health care provider to avoid negative consequences.

At last, MCP does not dispense drug samples for a try, thus you cannot order one pill only if it is sold in a blister of 10 pills. Please, for having the best experience when browsing our site and ordering products with us, acknowledge all the information posted with us, and for additional information, you can always turn to our customer support team to learn more.