Terms and Conditions Applied To Shopping With Us

Mapofmedicine.com is owned and operated by My Canadian Pharmacy ltd. By entering the site, browsing the pages, and using the services or ordering products, you agree to be bound by our policies and applicable regulations. If you do not agree to follow them, please leave the site.

  1. Policies

All the services and medications posted with us follow the Privacy Statement that you should overview to fully understand how we collect and share information. It means that we do not allow users to retrieve our data and use it for promotional purposes. All the information is solely for your acknowledgment.

  1. Modification of Terms and Policies

At any time, Map of Medicine reserves the right to change the terms and policies. Once any data is changed, we may add the indicator when we made the amendments. For instance, all the descriptions with us are subject to update since the manufacturers are constantly improving the instructions, dosages, and side effects if there were new studies.

  1. Browsing of Site by International Users

The site may be fully used by residents of Canada. However, international buyers if ordering with us should pay attention to their local legislations. Our site is governed by provincial and federal laws. If you enter our site from outside the territory of Canada, you do it on your risk and you are fully responsible for compliance with the laws.

  1. Errors in Content from Us and Third Parties

We refer to the right to change the assortment and services that are advertised and promoted by us. The prices, descriptions may be subject to change at any time. If you find any error posted with us, please refer to our customer support team for us to follow up. We are not responsible for the content of the advertisements posted on our site. But, we do monitor if it bears legal character and does not promote violence, pornography, or narcotics application. When you enter the site of one of the services advertised by us, please refer to their policies and terms because we are responsible solely for materials posted by our experts, pharmacists, editors.

  1. Security

Once you register with our site, we guarantee you the confidentiality and security of all the personal data including the credentials. We use the latest technologies such as encryption and any information shared with us is protected from hacking and unauthorized access. In the event, you feel your details will not be confidential or hesitate about our security measures, please do leave the site.

  1. E-mail Interactions

When you proceed with communication via email, we are not responsible for your data. It is monitored and administered only by the provider of email services. We may send you the promotions or seasonal offers but if you do not want to get these messages, at any time you can remove this option by informing us or by selecting the related feature in your personal account. Keep in mind, we do not share spam or irrelevant ads.

  1. Prices

Customs duties, governmental fees are already included in the final price. The prices mentioned with us are in Canadian dollars.

  1. Prescription Drugs

Prescription products are not subject to refund and buyers should have a prescription to order and buy them.

  1. Delivery Terms

We work with local delivering companies that deliver the goods in the approximate term of two weeks or in some cases days. We cannot change these terms. However, if you do not receive your parcel in two weeks, we will do our best to refund you money or resend the parcel. For international deliveries, additional charges may apply. Shipping is free of charge.

  1. Products

Mapofmedicine.com works only with reliable and trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Before revealing for sale one or another product we acknowledge the quality and make sure all the ingredients are FDA approved.