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When a man starts experiencing the first symptoms of the ED or else called erectile dysfunction, he may get puzzled with the right treatment or even the possibility of it. Today, in the online world, people share their recommendations and feedback about possible solutions. And, the trending one is the intake of pharmaceutical products, among which is Kamagra. Compared to its sister analog, which has the same properties, benefits, and side effects, it gains popularity due to its quality and fast effect. So, what is it for? Kamagra is a drug used to facilitate the man’s life by boosting their erections. It works by affecting the brain and nerves, and as a result, promotes intensive blood flow to the penis. The same as other ED drugs, it will help you only in case of being previously stimulated. Thus, do not neglect the importance of foreplay to not disappoint yourself and your partner. Its active ingredient Sildenafil. It, in turn, helps men to get a natural erection. But, by no means, rely on a popular marketing ploy claiming that it can treat the ED once and forever. Unfortunately, it is impossible. So, it is crucial to consult a doctor to learn all the ways of affecting its symptoms.

The Dosing Regimen of Kamagra

As of now, Kamagra is presented in the form of tablets or jelly that are easy to swallow and chew and they both do not require a particular schedule to be taken. Besides, the tablets can be applied regardless of food, so a man can take it with or without a meal. However, for the top results, doctors recommend to minimize eating fatty food, otherwise, it will take much time to digest it all.

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Take tablets orally by washing down with a lot of water. One pill should be taken approximately one hour before the planned sexual intercourse. The drug is available in 50mg and 100mg doses. But, the initial dosage is always 50mg once a day. The effects last for about 4 to 6 hours, of course, if you are well stimulated.

Note, Kamagra works only if the cause of erectile dysfunction is physical. In case, you face the symptoms because of a psychological state, it may not work properly.

Side Effects and Contraindications of Kamagra

There are no remedies that do not cause any of the adverse reactions. Usually, people experience them when they play with dosages or decide to neglect following instructions or contraindications. In other cases, Kamagra is safe if you do not put yourself at risk. There are few recommendations concerning the intake, they involve interactions with alcohol that should be minimized. And, you have to abstain from drinking grapefruit juice or eating citruses.

The possible side effects are:

  • Indigestion;
  • Bladder pain;
  • Upset stomach;
  • Dizziness;
  • Headache;
  • Nasal congestion.

It is not a full list of adverse reactions. Thus, at all times when you apply this medication, you should overview your health conditions, and spot any symptoms. After that, it is recommended to address them to a doctor to prevent the development of severe negative consequences. Note, if there is no effect after the intake of the initial dosage, refer this concern to a doctor, only he is expert enough to adjust the regimen or choose another treatment.

Regarding the contraindications, there are only two rules you should follow:

  • Do not take it if you have an allergy to Sildenafil or other active ingredients;
  • Do not choose it if you take nitrates for heart problems.

The same small precaution concerns patients who have had a history of alcohol or drug abuse. This fact may greatly affect the efficiency of Kamagra or there will be none.


Any drug interactions greatly affect the outcome of Kamagra. Sometimes, if you combine it with another drug, you may experience zero or low results. The same encompasses patients who think it is worth taking both Viagra and Kamagra. First of all, if you take them together, it is already a fact of exceeding the dosage, that may provoke severe side effects. Secondly, it has no sense because they are both effective individually, especially, due to the presence of the same active ingredient. Do not interact Kamagra with medications for angina, stroke, prostate, high blood pressure. In case you already take them, inform your doctor.

Benefits of Generic Kamagra

Still, hesitate about its safety or reliability?

Find out the next benefits that can persuade any man at least to try this ED drug:

  • It is available as a Generic. Thus, it is cheaper and affordable. Compared to branded analogs, it has the same properties, main active components but slight changes in the composition that does not affect the results and safety;
  • Natural Erection. It will stop straight after you are done with sexual intercourse. If you do not plan to reveal the fact of its intake, it remains a secret. Besides, this benefit radically boosts male confidence, and they may satisfy the partner for a few hours in case of being stimulated;
  • Two doses. 100mg and 50mg were designated to meet the demand of particular individuals;
  • Low price. Again, if you surf the Internet, you will find many distributors who sell it at no more than 4$ per pill and on average 0,90$ per one tablet;
  • Fast effect. Do not wait for the result for ages. Only a few minutes, and you are ready to perform;
  • Fewer side effects. And, they are all of the temporary effects;
  • Only two contraindications. Consult a doctor and exclude any possibility of negative consequences;
  • Opaque package. Reliable online pharmacies sell it only in the opaque packages, so you will not feel shy when receiving it;
  • Active ingredient. All the composition is FDA approved;
  • Easy to take. One pill one hour before an anticipated sexual course.

Finally, being one of the popular remedies, it is always in stock. So, if you late at night decided to buy it, you won’t find it not available.

For your convenience, find the frequently asked questions concerning the Kamagra distribution. Keep in mind, the next answers cannot be a substitute for real consultation with your healthcare provider.

1. Can you treat ED with Kamagra?

No. It only affects the symptoms, in particular, provides you with a steady and qualitative erection. All other promised statements are an only marketing ploy.

2. Is it legal?

Depending on the country. To avoid surprises, please refer to your local legislation of drug administration.

3. What is the difference between Viagra and Kamagra?

Different manufacturer. Kamagra is cheaper.

4. How to know its original drug?

First of all, it depends on the online pharmacy you choose. It must have a legacy and supporting documentation to distribute the drugs. Then, it should have documents from the manufacturer. And, at last, you should be aware of how the package and the forms of tablets or jelly look like. Trust and turn to only time-proven distributors.

5. Can underaged patients take it?

Even though erectile dysfunction may affect men of different ages, it is strictly forbidden for youngsters and adults who are below 21 years. The same relates to elderly people who are older than 65, they should consult a doctor to proceed with such a treatment.

6. Is there a Kamagra for women?

No. This remedy was designated solely for the male audience.

7. I have priapism after its intake. Is it the effect?

Kamagra provides patients only with a natural erection that may last only during the state when a man is stimulated. Priapism is not the effect of Kamagra. Seek medical help in case of such manifestations. It may be a sign of another illness.