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How to Save on Pet Meds?

No doubt, Americans are a pet-friendly nation. Although many of us prefer living in apartments in large cities, rather than in detached houses in the countryside, according to the survey, conducted in 2017–2018, about 68% of US families have a pet.

Such furry friends make our lives better: they force us to lead a healthy lifestyle, help to overcome stresses and teach us to enjoy every moment of a day. But we are also expected to take proper care of them in return, which includes providing a comfortable home, healthy and quality food and proper veterinary services. And one should note that the latest point is frequently associated with huge expenses.

Do you want to learn how to save on that? If yes, keep on reading.

Top 5 Tips on How to Reduce Pet Meds Expenses

  1. Get a prescription and turn to a usual pharmacy

You may be surprised, but a veterinary clinic is not the only place where you can buy medicines. When your vet recommends using some product, ask him for a written prescription and take it to a drugstore. Most people have gotten so used to purchasing pet drugs at the vet’s, that they do not even ask about alternatives. But at the humans’ pharmacies such products are often sold at the prices that are significantly cheaper. What is the reason for such discounts? As a rule, large drug stores buy medications at bulk prices, so, they have the opportunity to offer more profitable ideas to their customers, while veterinary clinics get medicines at higher prices, since their sales volumes are lower.

Sure, if a medication is needed urgently, it may be more convenient to purchase it at the vet’s. But keep in mind that there are products that are taken on a regular basis, for example, medicines for treating chronic diseases, like arthritis.

  1. Check prices at the supermarkets

Be sure to visit the corresponding department the next time you go shopping.

  1. Ask about more affordable alternatives

It is okay to tell your vet that you are concerned about a money issue, and ask him whether there are any cheaper products that may help.

  1. Find out whether there are human medicines that can be used to treat a problem

It sounds unreasonable, but in many cases medications for humans cost several times less.

  1. Turn to an online pharmacy

There is no need to waste time and effort on visiting dozens of offline drugstores, while you can buy everything you need on the Internet. You can have fun with your pet instead, and that will surely help your small friend to stay healthy and happy. You can place an order on your way home or just at the vet’s, everything you need ― the name of a product and a smartphone. It will take just a couple of minutes.

But the most important advantage of such shopping is economy. In most cases online pharmacies offer lower prices and all sort of discounts and bonuses.

By the way, there is a good chance that you will find there something for yourself, as well.

Want to reduce your expenses to the minimum? Choose generics. These are the copies of brand products that have a similar formula, but are produced by a different company. In most cases they are much affordable, since manufacturers can save on development and marketing (these expenses are covered by original brands).

To find a suitable generic, search by the name of an active ingredient.

Useful Safety Tips

  • Examine the website before placing any orders. Pay attention to such details:
  • contact information;
  • the year of opening (it is not advisable to turn to newly-established companies, since you cannot check their reputation);
  • reviews left by customers (check whether they look realistic, there should be at least a couple of dissatisfied customers);
  • prices (in case they are too low, there is a chance that you will receive a counterfeit product or face some other problems);
  • shipping and paying methods;
  • the privacy policy.
  • Before buying any medicines for your pet, have a consultation with a professional vet. The misuse of pet meds may lead to serious consequences that will require long-term and expensive treatment.
  • If you have any questions concerning the products prescribed or the problems your pet is suffering from, contact your vet or the support team of the drugstore. In most cases, such platforms offer free online consultations with certified pharmacists.
  • Make sure you have gotten a clear idea of how to use the medicines, in other cases, it is strictly recommended asking a specialist.
  • If you notice that your pet has started to behave in a strange way, after it has taken a medication, be sure to contact a specialist within the shortest possible period of time.

As you can see that is a wide selection of tips that can help you save on pet meds without putting your friend’s health at risk or wasting much effort. Keep them in mind when you take your pet to a vet next time.

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